Crane Electrics

STAHL CraneSystems offers a comprehensive range of products and safety features for crane electrics, ranging from easy-to-operate control pendants to complex control systems. All electrical components are designed for a long service life and their modular design offers numerous possibilities to combine and extend them.

Control Technology


When controlling your crane you can choose between our STH1 control pendant and various radio remote controls. The STH is extremely robust, can be operated perfectly even while wearing gloves, and is used by thousands of our customers every day. Radio remote controls offer you further advantages: You can operate the crane from anywhere in the shop – at a safe distance from the load.


All electrical devices are wired onto a terminal strip in the hoist panel box

Condition Monitoring


Condition monitoring systems come into play whenever production processes need to be monitored and controlled. They detect system errors, record wear and tear on the components, minimise damage and avoid costly consequences. 
It is thus possible to develop and optimise individual maintenance intervals and thus take preventative action. Condition monitoring systems make an important contribution to the availability of crane systems, they increase process safety and safety at work and in the last analysis raise the cost effectiveness of your production.


  • SLE motor management
  • SMC 21 Multicontroller, a condition monitoring system specifically for hoists
  • SBC brake controller
  • SSC 1 cumulative load controller, load summation for more than one hook
  • Radio transmitter with feedback from crane
  • Large-format load display for SMC and SSC

Frequency Inverters


Give your crane and yourself a treat –
with our frequency inverters!
The stepless acceleration minimises stresses on the crane runway and the building structure. At the same time dangerous and time-consuming load swing is counteracted. Particularly if a high volume of loads needs to be handled and if the loads are heavy or delicate, you shouldn’t do without our frequency inverters.